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this is kpix5 news on kbcw. >> freeze warnings for parts of the bay area tonight, paul is tracking some teeth chattering temperatures. a bay area man claims an offduty cop took him down and broke his arm in a case of road rage. >> and a missing san jose family faces a third night out in the cold in the idaho wilderness. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm ken bastida. bitter cold baring down on parts of the bay area. paul says plenty of places could drop below freezing. paul. >> we are going to get chilly around here. look at these temperatures. these aren't the lows tonight. these are what's outside right now. 39 degrees, napa 37. walnut creek 36 and alameda 36. lots of red on your television screen because everybody with the exception of san francisco is under a freeze warning tonight or tomorrow night.
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tomorrow night it's the north bay. north of vallejo, freezing temperatures likely tonight and then it's all of the bay area minus the city of san francisco tomorrow. not many exceptions to that rule. the rule will be sub freezing temperatures. these are your lows for tonight. santa rosa, down to 28. calstoga, 29. and sunny vail down to 35 degrees. this is just the beginning. the cold front just arrived. this will last a while. we'll talk about how long the cold air will stick around and how low the snow level is going to go. some spots may see some snow coming up. we'll talk about where and when coming up. >> thank you, paul. a bit of a scare tonight for a fremont family. they were at home when some live wires came down outside nearly setting their house on fire. it happened a little after 7:00 on lauren drive. the homeowner told us she never called 911 until tonight.
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>> we have vines on the side of our fence. it caught on fire. we were just inside and the lights went out and then we started smelling smoke inside. so we went to go check outside and we saw the flames on the side of our house. >> firefighters kept the flames from spreading. all that was damaged was the fence. pg and e is repairing the lines, but it could be several hours before power is restored. >> new hope tonight in the search for a san jose family missing in the idaho wilderness. betty tells us rescuers have a much bert idea of where that small plane went down. >> the smiths are a tight knit mormon family. after spending thanksgiving weekend in oregon, silicon family executive left for montana. his son, daniel, and his son's wife, his daughter, amber, and her fiance were in his beach bananza. it ran into engine trouble over central idaho sunday. smith intended to land at the remote johnson creek airstrip
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seen in this youtube video, but they never made it. >> the temperature is dropping tonight. that's the biggest concern. they got their winter parkas and clothes along, but this is the third night out. >> his business partner knows the wilderness is unforgiving, but knows smith to be cautious. >> he is so intelligent that i figure if anybody could get out of this situation, he would be one that could put that airplane down. >> idaho search teams detected a signal from the plane's emergency beacon, but haven't been able to pinpoint where it was coming from in the terrain. smith used the missing plane to help others. >> he flies with aeromexico to take doctors and dentists down to mexico to do services down there. he does that regularly. >> back at the office where the two started, the high-tech company, his employees are anxious. >> come back, we have some work for you to do. >> idaho search teams are hopeful that weather conditions will improve tomorrow.
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they will also add more resources, bringing the total number of people on the ground to 50 and planes to five. >> a popular cable tv host was killed in a motorcycle crash in san francisco. 38-year-old, bill beckwithcohosted the show, curve appeal on the hgtv network. a car hit and killed him last night. you can still see evidence from the crash near oak and stiner streets. it's unclear who was at fault. the driver of the car is cooperating. an oakland man is suing the city of concorde. he claims an offduty police officer attacked him in a case of road rage. joe vasquez is live near the tunnel. joe, what happened out there? >> we're talking about back in february, right over here on highway 24, we are east. two men were driving right next to each other when their cars collided. >> the two men pulled over the side of the highway to exchange
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insurance information. that's when according to the federal lawsuit filed today, one of the men, an offduty police officer named kevin mansurian charged at the other man, 63-year-old, walter, of oakland. wylan's lawyer said the cop started screaming profanities at her client. >> essentially asking her, what are you doing? and identified himself as an offduty police officer. when our client asked for him to produce his badge, he said he didn't have it on him. >> according to the lawsuit, the officer threw wyland to the ground and sat on him. the whole time, he was telling him to get off because he has a heart problem. officer menurian said it wasn't road rage, he thought wylan may have been drunk, but investigators found no such evidence. he is suing and the city of concorde for wrongful arrest and excessive force, which are federal civil rights
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violations. concord civil rights attorney said he doesn't comment on pending litigation, but the city will defend the lawsuit. joe vasquez, kpix5. a quick-thinking witness led san leandro police to a trio of teens who snatched a woman's purse. a teen girl mugged the woman yesterday morning in the parking lot of the bay fair mall. but a witness saw the whole thing. >> she was kicked repeatedly and struck repeatedly and it was all for a purse that the suspect was trying to steal. >> the teen ran to a waiting car and it took off. police quickly caught up with the group in oakland. the victim is a little sore, but said to be all right. >> the man who killed a heyward high school student and shot at his friends has been convicted of murder. samuel shot to death in 2010 following a confrontation at a local park. prosecutors say the killer, 23- year-old, robert, got into a stare down and some of his
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friends. for some reason, he became upset, nava and his friends drove off, but ran into him a short time later. that's when yim shot at them. sentencing is scheduled for march. he faces up to 69 years in prison. the latest fast and furious movie is on hold as investigators work to determine exactly how actor, paul walker, and his friend died. the l.a. county coroner's office says autopsies are underway on the two bodies. the report will provide official word on whether walker or his friend was behind the wheel during saturday's crash. walker's publicist says the actor was the passenger in that porsha as it crashed into a light pole and tree and exploded into flames. the investigation into the deadly train derailment in the bronx is zeroing in on the driver. he said he went into a daze just before the train ran off the rails. federal investigators say that so far, they found no
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mechanical reason for a metro north commuter train to travel at almost three times the speed limit and soar off the tracks sunday killing four people. >> there's no indication that the brake systems were not functioning properly. >> sources say engineer, william rockefeller, told first responders that before the train derailed, he began to daze, thinking about nothing in particular. rockefeller and the other crew members were given drug and alcohol tests. >> the results from the alcohol breath tests were negative. the results of the other tests are still pending. >> rockefeller is a 15-year veteran who switched from a night shift to a day shift two weeks before the crash. his union leader says rockefeller nodded at the controls. >> there was a lapse and that was a nod or however they want to capture. however it will be explained today and it was a mistake that any of us could make. and he caught that mistake too late. >> investigators say they will continue to interview rockefeller and that it's too
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soon to say whether his actions directly caused the crash. vaneta nire. >> investigators also say no problems were found with any signals along the route. don't expect to find messages of team spirit or good will on muni buses anymore. you see them, they say go giants or equality for all. those types of messages, but the mta decided to drop them after receiving complaints from riders who said they found the posts distracting. >> we heard from all passengers from all walks of life saying that this was an issue. they are trying to get to their destination information and it took too long because of the scrolling of pr signs for sports teams. so this is something that we try to address as soon as possible. >> the agency says the intention was to show a little civic pride. mystery tippers are popping into bay area restaurants and leaving their servers with stacks of cash.
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>> a man has gone from lighting up his neighborhood to lighting up the world in a new documentary. i'm andrea with the story. >> feels a lot more like the holidays with weather like this. that map behind me is lit up in red. lots of freeze warnings in effect. when do we get a break and when is it going to snow? the answer is next. and a little later on, an eagle steals a cram and takes a selfie. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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chef and co-owner at zuni the owner of an iconic san francisco restaurant has died. judy rogers was a co-owner at zuni cafe. she won two awards for outstanding restaurant in america back in 2003 and outstanding chef in 2004. she died last night at the age of 57 after a long battle with cancer. >> it has been an honor and privilege to work with someone like her. i'll miss her. she had the biggest heart. she was compassionate, kind, and strong as well. >> in the back of the restaurant tonight, employees
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posted pictures of rogers and wrote cards remembering her as their friend and mentor. >> mystery tippers making the rounds at bay area restaurants and they're leaving their servers with enough cash to pay half a month's rent. kristen ayers is in the marina tonight and has the story. crusten. >> reporter: it happened at this tacolicious. a patron went in and left a huge tip leaving the entire restaurant really with a win fall. it appears to be part of a trend, a religious trend that is sweeping the country. >> it began with two men having a steak dinner here at san francisco's harris' restaurant two weeks ago. and ended with a mass uv tip. >> at the end of the meal, they gave a very extravagant tip. >> a tip like general manager, michael, has never seen. >> not uncommon for people to leave 20, 30, 40%.
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this was $1500 on a $500 meal. the patron paid with his american express black card and mysteriously on the receipt left this note, tips for jesus. the message seems to be blessed are the wait staff. >> i'm not sure what the organization's goal is, but it seems like everybody wins. >> turns out, the blessings are pouring out all over the country. google tips for jesus and this page pops up. someone or a group of someones are leaving restaurant workers big money from utah to illinois. the grand total so far, more than $50,000 in tips. >> almost like something out of a movie. >> i think it's awesome. i mean, waitresses are very under appreciated sometimes, so very nice that people are looking out for us. >> hilary jacobs and her friends had dinner at the spot where the most recent mystery tipper appeared. a server named juliana got a
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$1,000 tip. she hopes they will spread the joy. >> come to apartment 13 on avenue c in the east village. ask for me, please. >> there are a lot of people out there thinking that. the lucky wait staff got to split that tip. over at harris', the tip actually went to a waiter who worked there for twenty years and he is just about to get married. he's going to need that extra cash. >> perfect timing. tis the season, right? >> tis the season. >> all right. kristen ayers in the marina. thank you. it all started with a few lights for the holidays, but the legend of concord's mr. christmas has now grown into a documentary. >> andrea introduces us to the man who has just made it his mission to brighten up the holidays. >> the magic doesn't happen on olive drive until the lights go down. and this guy -- >> mr. christmas. >> lights go up.
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for 35 years, retired air force lieutenant and electrician, bruce, has been lighting up concord with his christmas display. >> it's so beautiful. >> the tearful front yard decor began small. >> i found the sequencer at a junk shop and cost me $2. and broke up all the lights that go up the house. i broke them up into groups of eight and they chased each other. >> and grew into this twirling christmas display. >> my name is bruce and the people around here call me mr. christmas. >> and now this documentary, mr. christmas, that is garnering a claim at film festivals. thanks to concord kid turned film maker, nick palmer. >> santa claus and reign deer. i spent six months building that. >> the lights cost about $200 a year to run and three months to go up, but you post christmas procrastinators, remember this. >> i have to take it down every year. >> even with a reward entry,
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he doesn't think he is a star. he goes through all this work for two reasons. >> a, i don't know where to hide if i don't do it. you know what i mean? they will be knocking on my door. >> and b. >> mostly it is seeing people, the smiles on their faces. >> in case you were wondering, this will be bruce's 84th christmas. his birthday is this month. if you'd like to see the mr. christmas documentary, go to the facebook page. in concord, andrea, kpix5. >> i wonder if he's the guy writing the tips. you never know. there might be something going on. >> you knerr know. >> it works. >> it feels like the holidays outside. >> it's getting there. >> december 3, december 4, you aren't into it yet, but the weather will get you into it. a scarf, you'll need it. here's a peek at what we have outside as we speak.
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now, low 40s, livermore 40. san jose 44. those would be average overnight lows. that's where we are at 10:00. we have about nine more hours of cooling to go and we are likely going to see temperatures at or below freezing. oakland 47 and concord one of the cool spots at 39. where do we go tomorrow morning? we will be below freezing in fair field, vacville, liver more, but only by a few degrees. we'll be several degrees below freezing in the north bay. that's why you are under a freeze warning. santa rosa, 28. fremont close. 33. mountain view 34, and redd wood city 34 degrees. your microclimate forecast will take you out to fair field where it's going to be sunny the next couple of days. it is going to be cold. overnight lows in the 20s and 30s. afternoon highs will not hit 50 degrees until friday. that's a long stretch for us being shy of 50 degrees. so, what's going on? we switched air masses today. that front, you saw the clearing line if you were out
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and about. we went crystal clear at 2:00 in the afternoon. that is because the front and all the moisture pushed to the south. we are left with cold and dry air and it will be with us for a while. i don't see one day where it will be. the cold air is here. the question is, any chance of rain or snow in the hills? the answer is yes. on friday night and saturday, a low pressure area will move along this digging to the south jet stream. it will introduce moisture and we'll see showers around and the snow levels going to drop down to 2,000 feet. that means absolutely. mt. hamilton, we'll see snowfall. how about mount tam? the top may have white stuff on it on saturday as a result of those dropping snow levels. so tonight, already will be the coleseed night since february and tomorrow night will be 3 or 5 degrees colder. bundle up. the chill is going to be with us until next week through the weekend into the first full week of december. 49 degrees in liverm. san jose 51.
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san francisco 52. these are your highs tomorrow. redwood city, 51. upper 40s inland. san ramon 48. only 52 brisk degrees in san francisco. 49 for nevada. look at these chilly temperatures across the board. all seven, and we have that chance of a low snow level, scattered showers friday and saturday with highs only around 50 degrees. we are cold now. we will stay cold for at least the next seven days. long cold stretch for us. usually one or two days, this will be seven. >> thanks, paul. >> we'll be right back. ,, a subaru...
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...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand.
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all right, you're looking for that something special for that one special person on your special list who has everything. how about a special pet? that's right, starting today, the tricity animal shelter in fremont is offering free adoptions. the give us a home for the holiday promotion includes a spay or neuter, rabies vaccine and a microchip. all that normally goes for $150. >> we have waived all adoption fees. you still have to be approved through our adoption process, but we just want them to find good homes and come the holiday season, we want them warm with their family. >> looks like taco. the offer is good for all qualified and approved homes through january 4. a sea eagle in australia.
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so camera and then he took a selfie. park rangers placed the camera near a river back in may to capture pictures of crocodiles. the eagle traveled 68 miles before setting it down. he wasn't the brightest. he gave everyone a good look at himself before flying off. more trades for the oakland a's. the sharks take on canada and if you did not hear what happened to the warriors, stay tuned. next. ,,,,,,,,,,
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s. in the third quarter, the warriors were down 27 points to the toronto rap tores. warriors chip away. they pulled off an epic
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comeback. warriors scored 42 points in the fourth quarter. thompson combined for 26 points alone in the final 12 minutes. golden state made 8 three's in the 4th. outscored toronto 64-28. the 9 minutes left in the third with the end of the game. they win 113-102, amazing night. joe thornton still sporting that shiner on his right eye from the puck saturday night, big joe scored his third goal in four games. the sharks blew a 2-0 lead, but got the winner in the third who threw the puck in front of the net. sharks over the toronto maple leafs 4-2. for the second straight year, billy bean wins the executive of the year and he got an early start. two more trades for oakland, sending michael terry. making their bullpen even stronger. probably is not done, because
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baseball's winter meetings begin. >> interesting. see you at 11:00. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a ,,,,,,
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